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KIBUKA offers you the possibility to try our best sushi and maki without leaving your home. One of our best Sushi Chef will elaborate at the moment the election that we propose to you.
The menu consists of a selection of the best dishes from our menu. It consists of appetizers, hot dishes, a variety of sushi and sashimi, our best Makis and desserts. Moreover, on the original proposal, the Sushi Chef is open to any suggestions within his possibilities. In order to make possible Sushi Chef’s work, he will need a service area and a stove.

Terms of Service

  1. Tuesday-Saturday, noon and night
  2. Price: € 60.00 per person, including VAT
  3. Reservations for groups between 8 and 20 people
  4. Service time: 2 hours

Sample menu for 8 people

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