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Grup Kibuka with Syrian refugees

As Grup Kibuka, we’re concerned with the human situation experienced by refugees of the Syrian conflict. We’ve supported “Doctors Without Borders” with a financial contribution to continue the help this organization brings to millions of refugees.

We are very worried with the longterm inhuman situation in Syria that is about to enter its sixth year, with more than 4.8 million people turned into refugees without a quick solution in sight.

About “Doctors Without Borders

It is an organization of humanitarian medical assistance, that helps people threatened by armed conflicts, epidemics of terrible diseases and natural disasters among many others. Their prime objective is to give medical care to all those who are in an area excluded from a medical care net in the world.

Therefore grup Kibuka trusts “Doctors Without Borders” organization, and gives its support in order to preserve life and alleviate the suffering of those are in need, especially in the conflict of refugees, which affects us all.

The Syrian crisis is currently the largest humanitarian emergency that “Doctors Without Borders” affronts, so the contribution of all necessary.

We take this opportunity to thank you, because without your collaboration this would not be possible.

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