‘Mammaproof’ loves Cafè Godot

Cafè Godot, Mammaproof

A few days ago, Mammaproof sent us a post that a copywriter had written after visiting Café Godot several times.

We’ve been gladly surprised when we read the great opinion she has about our establishment. She loves our proposal and the environment we’ve been able to create, which describes as joyful and comfortable. She also talks about our Mini-Godot space and says it’s perfect to enjoy with children before, during and after the meal, while tasting one of the best rice they’ve tried in their life.

And, of course, the post’s main headline ‘Oh my Godot!’ snatched us from the beginig and provoked us a smile.

From here, many thanks to Mammaproof for recommending us as a family-friendly restaurant and for its excellent opinion, and, of course, special mention to the editor Teresa Roig.

We encourage you to come and share your opinion with us. If you like, you can read the post on this link

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    Albert Farràs
    Saturday April 15th, 2017 at 11:39 AM

    Muy pero q muy bien atendidos. Pedimos la sala de mesa a compartir con espacio para niños que hizo q fuera cómodo comer con ellos.
    Comida excelente

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