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Grup Kibuka collaborates with the Aura Foundation

Col•laboració del Grup Kibuka amb la Fundació Aura

On the 2th of November,  Kibuka participated in the charity premiere of the film “Retour chez ma mère” in collaboration with Aura Foundation, dodging a dinner for two people
among those attending the event, which took place at Verdi Park Cinema.

Kibuka, in accordance with the group’s solidarity program, has collaborated with Aura Foundation for a few years now, hiring people with intellectual disabilities, and therefore, helping them to form part of the labor market.

Aura Foundation was founded in 1989 with a clear mission, “to help people who have disabilities improve their life quality through social inclusion and employment”.

That’s the reason we encourage everyone to take a look at the important work carried out by these types of foundations.

Thank you all for making our corporate responsibility, possible!

Grup Kibuka

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