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Cafè Godot collaborates with the campaign “Restaurants against Hunger”

Restaurants contra la fam

Until 15th of November, when you order our Green Curry Scallops at Cafè Godot, you will be helping with the campaign “Restaurants against Hunger” organized by the ONG, Action Against Hunger. More than 1100 restaurants nationwide are participating with the campaign.

The initiative consists on donating a part of the price of the dish chosen by the restaurant called “The dish that feeds“, which in this case, is the Green Curry Scallops. So by simply ordering this dish, anyone can contribute with the campaign.

The achieved revenue with this action will support projects of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of child malnutrition. For more information, click on this link Action Against Hunger.

With this collaboration, Grup KIBUKA continues with its social responsibility and contributes to make real the increasing solidarity of the sector and its commitment with a adequate nutrition.

We encourage you to participate with us!

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